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Queen Bee's 'before I Let Go' Bridal Reception Dance

Beyonce’s rendition of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s Before I let Go was the choice to dance to. This Bride and her bridal party did a cute but very sultry dance for her new husband. This seems to be the new thing now in days to do. Personally I would not have a whole bunch of women around my new husband dancing. I myself also wouldn’t put myself out there and allow others to Stare at me. However I guess it’s all in what you
believe in. What happened to you somethings should be left to the imagination? I am not taking away from the talent and The fact that it was a cute dance. I just personally feel that it should have been private. I personally don’t know who this lady is. Obviously she is a dancer and she enjoys what she does. I just wonder how long will this type of marriage last, since clearly it is so based on physical attributes. What are your thoughts? Watch the video below

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