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Lash Diva And Makeup Artist

We debuted this Makeup Artist because her work is phenomenal . She effortlessly places her makeup on in a very natural yet entertaining way. Here is a snippet of her below. Make sure that you check out her site. My name is Shanel Walker, better known as So So Shanel. I have a passion for makeup and the beautiful feelings that we get from the wearing an amazingly applied face "beat". I believe that the perfect finishing touch to any gorgeous look, whether it be natural or full glam, is an exquisite, high quality pair of lashes. I have a
lash for pretty much any occasion, and definitely any look. If you are a lash fanatic, or makeup junkie like myself, then take a moment to check out my So So LashBox, my monthly lash subscription box, I introduce new styles to the So So Lashbox each's kind of a big deal! I know you will find something you love here. If you aren't already, follow me on all of my social media to catch all of my makeup videos, and don't forget to join my email mailing list at the bottom of the homepage. HAPPY LASHING!!!

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