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Say What!? Undetectable Straight Crochet Braids| Inc. Cornrow Pattern & Various Styles No Leave Out!

Crochet braiding is not a hair style that's as new as one might think. Women have been getting crochet braids for years with human hair or with tracks of hair that look like there are individual braids attached. Women used to get crochet braids if they didn't want to sit too long and get individual braids in their hair. It was fast and convenient. You apply the hair by literally crocheting hair, with a latch hook tool, in between your own corn rowed hair. Some women use the braiding technique as an alternative to the traditional sew-in hair weave. Years ago, when I was looking for protective styles, I came across a YouTube tutorial of crotchet braids. It was done with straight, human hair and it didn't look very flattering. I decided that the particular hair style wasn't for me and I moved on. However, after seeing some of the recent crochet braid styles on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, I've changed my mind. The natural hair community has turned this familiar hair style into something beautiful! I've never seen such beautiful and versatile crochet braiding in my life. Women are becoming very creative with their styling techniques and the crochet braids look very realistic. To be honest, one might not

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be able to tell crochet braids from natural growing hair. This is a great option for someone who is transitioning or just needs a break from styling their own hair every day. You get the natural hair look, without having to manipulate your own hair. You can even wash and treat your scalp, which is something that is difficult to do with a sew-in. Below, you'll find five of the best crochet braiding tutorials on YouTube. These ladies will truly inspire you to want to get started on your own crochet braids! TheChicNatural Unlike most crochet braids I've seen, TheChicNatural's crochet braids look like actual curls. Usually, I see hair that mimics a twist out. She was able to achieve this look by using Marley Braiding hair. She cornrowed her natural hair straight back and connected a few braids in the middle of her head so that she could have the option of wearing her hair parted down the middle or parted on the side. She secured the ends of her hair by sewing them flat. She was able to get her perfect curls by taking medium sections and forming bantu knots on the ends. After knotting, she dipped the hair in hot water and unraveled the knot when it was dry.
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