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How To Grow Your Hair Back

How to grow your thicker Hair growth is something that a lot of people struggle with. A lot of things can impede the process of hair growth. Let’s list a few things that will slow down hair growth. 1. Stress- Wellness Issues 2. Age- The body changes with age. 3. Hormones- if they are not balanced it will cause issues. 4. Menopause - hormones can becomes imbalanced 5. Medicines- builds up in the body and disrupts things. 6. Tight hair styles- pulls hair straight up out of the scalp… causing conditions like alopecia. 7. Bad shampooing practices- a soiled scalp blocks hair from coming through the follicles Once you have determined the true reason of your hair thinning, only then will you be able to solve the problem. Never try to correct hair problems by placing wigs, extensions and braids in your hair. This will only make the situation worse over time. Tips on growing your hair Shampoo your scalp and hair every two weeks. Try to go longer than that. The hair will start building shed and the scalp will begin to become super oily. Make your beverage of choice water. 80% of your liquids that you take in should
be water. Water flushed out toxins and transports nutrients. Take a multi vitamin Get plenty of rest Start a light exercise regimen. Physical activity increases circulation. Circulation is needed to get nutrition to the scalp. The lack of hair growth or your hair thinning is an indicator that some internal problems are going on. The body feels that hair growth is not important for survival. So this means that the body will re route blood flow other places in the body to compensate for a particular problem. Liver wellness is also key to a good functioning body. The liver’s main job is to detox the circulatory system. If your liver is not functioning well it will definitely cause hair growth problems. Natural Supplements that helps with hair growth Zinc Cinnamon Turmeric Sea moss B vitamins Iron Low iron means that circulation is low in the body. Being anemic is not just about being cold. It also means low blow count. Get more iron with spinach, Turkey and chicken. Red meat eat very sparingly. You can also incorporate an iron supplement. Don’t over do it because it may cause constipation. For more support on this topic. Join the Holistic community below.