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Cut & Razored Ombre Bob

Using a razor can help you create a really cool, fashionable A-line bob hairstyle. This video from is going to give instructions for creating that razor-cut A-line bob. How to Create a Razor-Cut A-Line Bob Hi, I'm Andrea Cameron, and today I'm going to show you how to create a razor-cut A-line bob hair style. Razor-Cut A-Line Bob Materials Things you'll need to create this style include: Clips Comb Razor Texture cream Blow dryer Large round brush Section Hair for A-Line Bob Hairstyle An important tip to remember is that the hair must always be wet for the razor to glide; otherwise it will pull and rip the hair. First, clip the hair in the nape 2 inches above the hairline. Take your razor and, starting in the middle, at the desired length, drag your razor down at a 45 degree angle to the right edge of the nape. Repeat this step in the other direction on the other side making an "A" shape. Cut Jagged Ends With Razor Next, take down a section on each side of the head an inch above the ear. Starting from the edge that you cut in the nape, continue towards the face at the same angle, then do the same on the other side. Be aware that a razor will make the ends jagged, so do your best to make it even because it won't

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be straight like a scissor cut. Now go back to the center of the nape, take a verticle parting and hold it out at a 45 degree angle. Cut it. Take the next vertical section and follow the 45 degree angle from the center cut. Take care to pull the sections slightly towards the center of the back of the head as you take each section towards the sides to keep the back shorter than the rest of the haircut. Apply Texturizing Cream to Bob Hairstyle Next, pull the top center straight up and razor for some extra movement and texture. Continue going through the haircut with the razor at the midsection of the head as needed to eliminate bulk and to add even more funky pieces. Apply a dime size amount of texturizing cream in your hands and distribute it thoroughly in the damp hair. Blow Dry A-Line Bob With your blow dryer and a large round brush, blow the hair upward so that it flips. Hold the brush at the roots on top for extra volume and have that section go under. When the hair is dry, take some finishing paste and spread it through your fingers, then run it through the midshaft to the ends to accentuate all the different razored pieces. When applying the paste, avoid the roots because it will look greasy.
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