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The Perfect Bob! Cut & Styled By Jazzyjujubee82

NOTES FROM PEEK MILL Hair used: * From: * Type: russian red luxe collection * Length: I used 3 bundles of 14" because that's the shortest length they had at the time and a matching lace closure. * Wig made by me: You can order to get one made by going to my website linked above or learn how to make yours here: Tools/products used(can be bought from most beauty supply stores): * hair cutting sheer * hair cutting razor * flat iron * curling iron(optional if you know how to use a flat iron to curl) * silk elements edge control for my edges * eyeshadow close to my scalp color from the lorac pro palette ***Info
on my makeup and/or outfit? Check out the link to jazzyjujubee82's video provided above ***Channel mentions: I would highly appreciate it if you guys can check out the following people. Thank you There's just something about her that keeps me watching: Hella hillarious. Watch her when you need some great laughs: Great personality with an awesome fashion sense/style: *Songs: intro: sojay's room by sojay main part of the video: eleniyan by reminisce and wizkid *camera used: canon t3i with kit lens * editor used: final cut pro x Answers to some FAQ's: * I'M NIGERIAN AND I LIVE IN THE US! * I AM NOT A GURU. I'M JUST A REGULAR HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU!
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