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Is Stopping Relaxer For Me? Tips On Going Natural

So you want to Go Natural! Going Natural is a life altering decision. Its more than just stopping RELAXER. Its really about adjusting your lifestyle Mind, Body and Soul. Never Go Natural because a Friyir Family Member Has. In my profession, many women have come to me with real problems. They honestly feel that going Natural will solve all of their problems. This is so untrue. Whatever problems that you may be having with relaxed hair could double by going natural. The problems get worse because your hair may become less manageable. Everyone can go Natural, but Every ones texture may not be easily managed. The major thing that they felt would go away with Going Natural is Hair loss and Alopecia. A lot of women hair is thinning around their hair line and Going Natural seems like a great remedy. Hair Loss comes from internal issues. Relaxer is not always the reason why your hair may be falling out. I have seen a lot of clients who have healthy hair and wear relaxer. Its easy to lose hair and can be difficult to restore healthy hair. So before I give you tips on how to Go Natural, let me tell you about how hair grows and how to keep it healthy. For hair to grow and be health, you must give your body the proper environment. Eating processed foods and drinking sodas is not healthy for the body. A nutrient rich body grows healthy hair. hair growth is one thing, Hair retention is how you have long hair. Everyone's hair grows, but not everyone hair stays on their scalp. The body needs plenty of water, nutrients and rest. No one ever explains how rest is key to health and hair growth. Rest is very important. The body needs between 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. It is during sleep that our body heals and rejuvenates. Hair grows a lot while we are sleeping. If you find that you are losing sleep, this needs to be rectified quickly. Purchase a watch that tracks your sleep, along with your blood pressure. Here is the link to the watch that I tell my clients to use: Proper Rest is very important when it comes to hair growth. A healthy blood pressure is very important when it comes to hair growth and retention. High blood pressure will impede hair growth. The reason why it does this is because of the stress hormones. Stress hormones after a while will ruin the body. The body will choose survival over hair growth. Yes you heard that correctly. Have you ever noticed that stressed out people look old, bothered and bald? Well that’s because their body is only producing hormones to keep them going but not relaxed. Our relaxed body Produces better hair growth. So before going natural, you need to learn how to relax. The first thing that you need to do when
aspiring to go natural is to decide one of two things. The first thing: Do I I want to do the big chop ? The second thing: Do I want to cut my hair as I go. Either choice will result in removing all of the relaxed hair. Do not believe people that says that you do not have to cut your hair. I mean you can leave the old relaxed hair on but you will have hair breakage. When you go natural your hair more than likely will not be the texture of the relaxed hair. Now I personally was blessed with natural hair That blended well with the relaxed hair. Now by blended I mean I could still get a comb through my new growth and old hair without the comb getting stuck. Some people cannot do that. So before doing the big chop do this test. Our natural hair is really like a box of chocolates, you really don’t know what you will get. If you know that your hair is from Nigeria and your ends are from Europe, it’s time for the big chop. If you do not know what the big chop is, it’s simply cutting all of the relaxed hair off at once. So next I will be telling you some tips on how to get your big trap. First, let your hair grow out for about 2 to 3 months. This will give you time to figure out if you want to really do this. It will also help you realize what your natural texture is. Your hair grows up about a half inch a month. So cutting it too soon will cause you to have to wear a short haircut. Some people get braids during this process. I do not suggest that you do that, because the new growth and relaxed hair will get tangled. Once your hair gets tangled you will be forced to get a haircut. I have chopped many clients hair down to the scalp because of wearing protective styles too long. Start going to a hairstylist for tips on what kind of styles that you can get during this time. Try out this site Drink water and eat healthy. This will make your going natural journey much easier. I always encourage women to cut the relaxer off and to get a nice fun hair color To help their short hair to become more feminine. Women always have some insecurities when it comes to cutting their hair and wearing their hair short. Please do not run to wigs, glue ins, braids or any other protective style During this process. Learn how to embrace your natural hair. For more information on healthy living and tips on growing your hair, you can purchase our tips that are formulated for you. Please email us at Also try out the hair drops that is connected to the video below.

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