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(video) Detailed Silk Press On Natural Hair Thats 30 Inches

The silk press is one of the most popular hairstyles for Natural Hair. It serves as a great alternative for relaxers. Now in days with all of the information out there, women are learning that relaxers are contributing to a lot of breakage in the hair and causing a permanent problem called alopecia. Here are some tips to keeping your silk press healthy and long lasting. Go to a reputable hair stylist who specializes in Natural Hair styling. Keep up on your trims. Trimming your hair prevents further damage and it helps you maintain your length in your hair. Keep your scalp clean. You should make sure that your hair and scalp stay cleansed. Make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair prior to getting a silk press.
The hair stylist should take care of all of these steps at the hair salon. Do not get a silk press in hot weather or if you sweat a lot. The silk press is a temporary straightening method. Your hair will revert back to its natural texture once water hits the hair. Make sure that your hair is covered while showering to avoid moisture getting to your hair. To avoid "Heat Damage" or better described as non reversion of hair, make sure that heat protectant is used and that too much heat is avoided during the service. Always make sure that you have a consultation before getting this service. Make sure that you get a silk bonnet to make sure your hair is protected while sleeping. Watch Video Below

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